Dance for Special Students

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certificate course in Dance for Special student

  • The syllabus includes teaching two dance performances of 5 to 6 minutes each at the end of course.
  • Sensory motor integration
  • Conceptual Skills
  • Gross and Fine Motor skills
  • Cognitive skills
  • Perceptual skills

The dance movements taught in the course will be from classical, semi classical, folk and contemporary styles

Our Objectives

Ordinances and Regulations Scheme of Examination & Syllabus with effect from Academic Year 2021 – 2O22

  • To create a platform for special / differently abled students to learn and improve some of the abilities and skills through dance
  • To encourage students with special needs and try to bring them under the main stream
  • To skill special students to exploit opportunities in the field of
  • To provide adequate understanding about dancing to special
  • To develop the skills by training & practical approach by using modern technology amongst the special
  • Certificate course in Dance aims at importing training of all aspects of dance at performing and therapeutic
  • Due care will be taken to incorporate the best elements of
  • The overall approach will be flexible and open to accept new challenges and execute programmes independently, in collaboration and even as an extent We expect to provide a model to Indian universities through our practical oriented courses in dance for special students.

For more information please download the following PDF which include  all the necessary informations

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